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AVEVA Marine is an integrated suite of software for the design and construction of every type of ship and offshore project. Using powerful object-centric technology, it is the most productive engineering software solution available for the marine industries.

A full range of applications:

A complete solution

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions, add-ons and stand-alone applications support all naval architecture, engineering, design and production disciplines, through every phase of the shipbuilding process.

Best-in-class technology

AVEVA Marine combines extensive built-in shipbuilding expertise with powerful engineering, design, communication and visualisation technologies proven in the plant industries. The result is a solution of unmatched capabilities.

A collaborative solution

The use of a single project model provides functional integration between the various hull, outfitting, engineering and design disciplines, enables highly interactive, concurrent working and maintains integrity of the design intent as the project evolves.

Flexible and configurable

Choice of authoring tools for P&ID engineering, and extensive system configurability support your established working methods. Production deliverables and data can be configured to the shipyard's particular equipment and materials, ensuring accurate, high-quality production and assembly.

No limits

Interoperability between AVEVA OutfittingAVEVA PDMS and AVEVA E3D enables effective collaboration with plant industry specialists, while AVEVA Global supports reliable multi-site projects - the 'virtual shipyard.'

Design visualisation & communication

Visualisation and communication applications now feature Windows 7 support and 64-bit technology for improved performance with bigger models.

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